Christmas Celebration + Gifts

Hey everyone, Christmas was over and new year is coming. Here's some of my celebration pictures. I love how a family gather together sharing this very special day. Of course, this is my 1st year Christmas celebration with hubby and his family, everyone seems to be very happy with the presents!

Here you go, some lovely pictures:

Other than family gathering, hubby also brought me for a special Christmas dinner. I love to dine in this restaurant so much, everything seems to be perfect. The food, the combination, marvelous!


and then, the gifts:
  • panda and mustache shirts
  • sweat pants
  • Nike jacket
  • green towel
  • Toffifee
  • cute key chains
  • hair tie
  • The Body Shop perfume
  • a cookbook

Thank you everyone and wish you all have a great new year ahead!

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