Favorites of the Month

Hey everyone, is December! Gasp... time flies.

I've been enjoying November very much with travelling, working and gathering with family and friends.
Can't believe that I've been in a new industry for 5months now, work has never been easy for me, but I've try my best and still hoping it will get better and better.

Now, favorites of November. It includes products I like and dislike.

I'm still sticking with my skincare routine, nothing much change. But these are things I've been using a lot last month.

  • MBD Hyaluronic sheet mask
  • Nivea Express Hydration body lotion
  • Kose eye cream
  • Kose powder foundation
  • Benefit Benetint
  • Revlon lipbutter # cherry tart
  • Smith Rosebud salve
  • Daiso facial cotton
  • Ferrero rocher

MBD sheet mask is probably one of the sheet mask I adore the most. It is cheap and effective. Since I've dry and combination skin I decided to try on the hyaluronic acid sheet mask. Well, it is very,very hydrating. I always top up a thicker moisturizer after that and the next day, my skin looks so radiant and supple. Normally 1 box can last me for about 2 months. I use every 2-3 days and it just act like rescuer to my skin. Love it.

Nivea express hydration body lotion smells amazing, not over powering and most important it doesn't feel oily like the Nivea cream which is a nightmare for me. Upon application, it just sink into the skin and quenches my dry skin especially on my elbow and feet.Other than that, it doesn't have those weird slippery feeling during I shower in the morning. My skin loving it and I do see good results after using it.

Kose eye cream, creamy eye cream but non oily. As much as I enjoy using the eye cream, I'm still not very sure whether I will purchase the full size or not. It seems to be perfect during cold season/when I'm in air conditioning room. More suitable for night time use. But I'm enjoying using it. Tiny pea size goes long way. haha!

Kose powder foundation is a sample when I received during my purchased on Kose skincare. The foundation seems to have only one shade. It glides onto the skin nicely but beware on those dry patches, it emphasize it. I like how build-able it is but hate it when it emphasize my dry patches. 

Benefit benetint. Two word to describe : simple,easy! Sometimes I just feel lazy, well I've been really lazy to put on makeup it is so time consuming. Benetint acts as lipcolor and cheek color, no zombie look. Perfect for casual day and working day. It is quite long lasting, so you'll look awake even without tons of makeup. 

Revlon lipbutter #cherry tart. A sheer red lipbutter. The red tone is very buildable too. Sometimes we just feel red look so good and professional. Normally I will put it on when I wore a simple clothing, loose bouncy hair. A pop of color. 

Next, Smith's rosebud salve. I would say this is a multi purpose product. It heals chapped lips very well, good for lip treatment, lip prep before any lipgloss/lipstick. I even apply this on my cuticles and heels. I see significant results the next day. Other than that, it is good on its own. It isn't sticky at all, so don't worry that your hair will stick on lips.

Other than Shiseido and Naruko cotton pad, I've finally found another good quality cotton pad. This is perfect for removing makeup using cleansing water and with toner. No worries with those annoying frizz. It cost only RM5 and it is available at Daiso.

Last but not least, my new cute toys. Ribena....

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  1. New follower :) Love the lip butters from Revlon! They are so hydrating :) I haven't tried the MBD hyaluronic mask but I do love this brand!


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