Visit to a New Skinfood Stall

Hi everyone, today I visit to a newly open mall at my local area. It was so crowded but hubby manage to find parking. To my surprise there's a Skinfood stall and TheFaceShop stall in the mall. I didn't stop by at FaceShop stall because it was way too crowded and hubby was rushing to work later on too. So, I just stopped by at Skinfood stall. I've been a huge fan of this brand since I was in university. Tons of newly released product, wow.....

I still have a lot of skincare product to go trough, so I only grab some sheet masks and hand cream to try out. The SA was good enough and gave me some samples...

Samples to test and so convenient when it comes to travelling... the packaging was cute too

Hubby bought me Snow Tea Mask sheet and Golden Kiwi mask sheet because I've always complain about my complexion, I have freckles and working hard to make it become less visible. Before we left the stall, I grabbed a hand cream as well. It is the hand cream from wrinkle care series: sugar hand cream.

That's all for my skinfood stall visit. I'm glad that the skincare stall is now so near to my house and working place. Review will be up after use.

Time for me to sleep now. Good night ~


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