Christmas Soon, Are U Ready?

Hohoho.... Christmas is just around the corner, 2 more days to go... How exciting it is! This is the 1st year I celebrate Christmas with my hubby's family, we decided to keep it small and simple because it isn't a tradition celebration for them. I decided to make cake for Christmas but that will be uploaded some time tomorrow.

Here's some photo of the decorated Christmas tree his sister had set up last week. It takes around 3 years to collect so much decoration for the tree. It is hard to find some fancy decoration here as compared to other country.

Below the tree, we put some presents, everyone in the house get a present. Hubby and I set up a rules that all present most not cost more than RM200. We didn't want others who not usually celebrate this special day feel burden to their wallet. I celebrate Christmas every year but doesn't mean that non Christian celebrate too, right? 
Front of the tree has lots of present, same goes to behind of the tree.

Other than planning Christmas celebration, I decided to treat myself with Cellnique goodies which I love so much. I found that some holy grail items from this brand and it does great job for my sensitive skin. I bought the Christmas gift set which consist of D'sensi calming cream and the newly released sleeping mask. I got 2 tiny samples and 2 facial treatment and 1 eye treatment.

At the same time, hubby brought me to shop and got me some really nice treat too. He got me Eucerin whitening face wash in gel form, bakery book and MBD cactus mask. How thoughtful is that! I have really great time exploring bakery. I used to hate bakery because I thought it is very tedious but now I like it more and more....

Lastly, my aunt's dog just gave birth to these 2 puppies... wow, they made it before Christmas arrive....

Now, how's your Christmas preparation so far? almost done? 

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