I Do Really Appreciate Sunday

Rise and shine! Is Sunday again, oh my.... is a special Sunday for me because I'm off today and hopefully I would be able to spend the rest of the day with my hubby and doing some happy little hobbies and boring house chores. Today, I'm not going to talk about beauty related things but I would like to share how happy and excited I am for Sunday and rambling about it. It has been awhile I didn't do such post.

Since I've been moved to this new place 2 years ago, I didn't have Sunday off each week, my Sunday off depends on shift and workload and staffs availability. I do find it a bit nerve wrecking and clench fist but I'm not going to feel upset because when you know how to appreciate the not so easy to get Sunday off, it is something very special and happy day.

Most of the Sunday I will visit my little bro since he is staying alone for study, I will pay him my visit whenever I can, sort of family time and I'm really content with that. Sometimes, I will shop together with my hubby, walking around here and day, enjoy the crisp air, I'm happy. And there's just too many sometimes for me to share here.... countless of words to describe how much I enjoy and appreciate my Sunday off.

Part of my Sunday routine if I'm off and free from work, I will love to enjoy some nice meal with my family and the love ones. Hubby and I recently encounter a new Japanese restaurant nearby the seaside, I think it tastes lovely. I enjoy Japanese food and Italian food very much, match with my taste bud I supposed.

Then, I will spend sometime chit chatting with my mom trough the phone. Doing some bakery if I'm in the mood, sipping numerous cups of tea, munching butter cookies.... oh, isn't it lovely and nice?

My point of view for Sunday is it has to be really relaxing and nothing related with work. I'm not sure if I really like my current job but sometimes, I just wish I have my regular working hours from Monday till Friday and Saturday, Sunday off. How much I've missed those days...  Sunday is the time I spent to do things I enjoy and not to forget, go to church (if you're Christian).  Sunday is the day whereby the shopping center is packed with lots of peoples and hardly to find a car park, but sometimes, when I pondered back, I do really miss those Sundays. Sundays should be happy instead of sad, Sundays remind me of my late grandfather. Oh, Sunday......

In case you are like me, need to work on Sundays shift every month, try to have those happy thoughts in your mind, it will make you feel better and merrier.

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