Review: Hada Labo Lavender/ Whitening Hand Cream

Hello, I've been a fan of hand cream/ hand lotions. Since I'm staying in an air-conditioning room for almost 24/7, having a hand cream has become a must for me. My hands, especially the edges around my nails will start to peel off and it isn't nice to look at nor good to touch. Ouch!

I spotted the Hada Labo hand cream awhile back, but never really got the interest to try it. Well, this time, I decided to give it a try. It comes with 2 variations, another one is rose -pink color tube, which is meant for hydration. I think I like lavender scent better, so I picked up this purple buddy.

It contains:

  • Arbutin and lavender essential oil which can maintain the youthfulness of our hands
  • Contains hyaluronic acid which can maintain & hydrate the hands
  • Contains vitamin E and vitamin B5 which will repair dry and dehydrated skin
  • The lavender essential oil is obtain from Europe. The scent is soothing and relaxing, plus what's great about it is that it helps to whiten the skin and keeping our hands more hydrated and supple.
  • Coloring, fragrance and mineral oil free.
A month of friendship with this purple buddy, I would like to say, it works quite well. I have less problem with skin peel off around the edges of my nails and less scaly hands. The scent is very calming too. However, I still couldn't tell if it really helps in whiten my hands. The cream itself is quite creamy, very easy to rub and blend into the skin. It also doesn't leave any oil or sticky residue after apply. I like to reapply the hand cream from time to time as I'm dealing with lots of paper work which sometimes got myself a bad papercut ( >.<)
Price is slightly higher than regular drugstore hand cream, I still think is consider more affordable than those high end hand cream.

Overall, I give it a thumbs up. Anyone who like the lavender scent, you'll definitely like it. I don't think it will serve well for terribly dry winter weather as you will have to reapply quite regularly. For me, this is a good hand cream for my current needs yet didn't burden my wallet.


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    1. Hi dear, I'm not sure if it is available over there.. But u can try ebay


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