Weight Loss Update #1

Wink, wink.... I would like to start this post as my weight loss update #1 after joining the Curves workout for 3 months, and the outcome..... holy moly, it is quite successful. I'm still working on it.

I'm proudly to tell I've loss:
cm: 32cm
body fats: 2.5%
Kg: 3.5kg

Weight loss is not a monthly program, for me, it is a long term goal, just work for it and be consistent.
Of course, not to forget to control the food intake and try to eat as clean as possible. Stay away from fast food and refine sugar.

Eat your breakfast everyday with a variety of fruits, proteins and complex carbohydrate such as oat/ grains.
Eat your lunch with more vegetables and white meat, try to stay away from process food and fast food. It will not make you full and eventually you will start to crave for food 3-4hours later.
Eat your dinner as simple as possible.
Never ever skip your meal. Eat wisely, choose a nutritious food meal.
Exercise regularly including cardio workout, stretching and strength training.

Below are the examples of food that I had for dinner.

 Always remember, nothing is impossible but of course, no pain, no gain. 
Let's keep on moving and strive our very best. Healthy body, healthy mind!

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