Review: Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil & Argan Oil

Weather changes can be good and bad sometimes. Good, because it is either turn into the comfortable type, bad because skin needs time and more nutrient/ hydration/ oil to protect it from skin disaster.

I've been a huge cleansing oil lovers as well as essential oil lovers for few years now. When I saw Josie Maran having this travel set, it immediately caught my attention and the tiny devils inside me. Oh, I must have this. Ha...

Talking about the argan oil, many beauty gurus have been raving about how great it feels on the skin and hair. Well, I do survey 1st before put in my order. I'm keeping my fingers crossed before try it out. Well, 1 month test, I think it passed with merit.

My thoughts for the argan oil:
I thought it smells terrible actually, because those vitamin E oil smells terrible and oil most of the times has those old lady scent which scares me off. Anyway, this Josie Maran argan oil doesn't has too much scent actually, thank God it is quiet light weight and absorb nicely into the skin.
I like to have 2-3 drops onto my palm, rub it and apply onto the ends of my hair. I can't tell if it really helps to prevent split ends but my hair do feel smooth afterwards and less frizzy. I also notice my long hair has become less tangle.
As for my skin, since I've oily to combination skin, I will not simply putting oil onto my face unless the oil is really meant only for face. I apply the oil onto my skin especially on area such as elbow, feet and cuticles. It helps to prevent dry patches keep it soft and supple. Unlike other oils which I've tried before, usually leave an oily and sticky residue on skin, but with this argan oil, I found it absorb really well without leaving any footprints or hand prints on places I've contacted with.
The travel size itself contains 15mL of pure argan oil which is quiet a lot for me, after all, I really didn't use that much. 2-3drops is just enough for my hair or even whole body.

My thoughts for the cleansing oil:
I don't really bother whether the cleansing oil is organic or not, most important is it how well it can cleanse my skin after the whole day with dirts, oils and makeup sitting on my face.
The oil is very thick and I do feels it heats up a little bit when rub onto my skin. Not sure if everyone have this heating issue, but I suppose it is activated when contacted with skin. It has a strong orange/citrus/flower scent, at first it was really nice to sniff but day by day, I find the scent is a little bit irritating because for me, it smells like children cough/flu syrup. Well, working in the pharmacy I don't think I want to sniff more medicine scent after reach home. It is just way too crazy I think. Anyway, I'm always good in tolerating with scent, so as long as it didn't make me sneeze, I'm still okay with it.
It removes my makeup very nicely and once it contacted with water, it emulsifies immediately. Sometimes, I just use this cleansing oil without follow up with another foam cleanser. Once it is emulsifies, it turns into a thick almost like a gel cleanser white cast on the skin, then, continue massage with more water and then rinse off. My skin feels really clean, I mean squeaky clean afterwards.
I keep the tiny bottle with me because next time, I can dispense my other cleansing oil into it. The tiny bottle is easy to carry around and perfect for travel. Plus, I just need to press the cap and it is ready to be used.

Overall, this Josie Maran Argan Oil set is amazing. I like the idea of include 2 products into 1 tiny travel set so that customers can try out 2 things at once. The products work well for me, I'm not sure if I will repurchase it, but still it is a good set to try out.

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